RVI Infinity Innovation Rigid borescope /videoscope

Rigid borescope
Non-destructive inspection for industrial automobiles and engine
  • Pressure resistant up to +5 bar (in air)
  • Maximum stability under load thanks to metal sheaths
  • Resistant to oil, fuel, and solvents
  • Temperature resistant up to 150 °C (and above)
  • Available in the 1.6 mm to 10 mm range
  • Optimal image quality – clear, sharp, bright
  • True-color images
  • Built-in fiber optic light guide
Rigid/ stainless steel
industrial, for automobiles, engine, welding
Other characteristics
portable, small-diameter, swing prism, waterproof, high-temperature


Min.: 1.6mm

Max.: 10mm

Cable length

Min.: 10mm

Max.: 1M


Rigid endoscopes from RVI Infinity Innovation are particularly robust and are designed for heavy-duty industrial use. With the rod lens system, these reliably deliver clear, sharp, and bright images and impress with maximum image sharpness right into the margins combined with the best possible field of view.

Rigid endoscopes essentially consist of an optical system, mechanics, and a light guide system.

The metal sheath and the special glass endpiece at the tip make the endoscope extremely resistant to damage and wear and ensure optimal protection of the optical part.

To facilitate visual inspection of minor components, products and units, borescopes with reduced diameters have been developed which are equipped with the excellent "High-Speed" rod lens system. They are characterized by an excellent image reproduction, both in the center and the peripheral zone of the view field. In this way, they facilitate inspection of small-size details in all industrial applications by rendering high-resolution, super-bright images.

Technical specifications

Jacket tube, shank and fibre-optic light guide entry piece made of stainless steel

Fibre-optic light guide entry piece holder with light condenser, i.e. the light intensity output at the tip is increased by 30%

Adaptable, fibre-optic light guide entry piece (ACM, Wolf); the adapters allow connection of many other makes

DIN ISO eyepiece: 32 mm; this enables easy connection of accessories, such as cameras of most of manufacturers

Three-tube design for the Ø 1.9 mm and 2.7 mm devices; objective lenses protected by three stainless steel tubes (outer, inner and optical tube); easy repair and robust design; for devices up to Ø 1.7 mm two stainless steel tubes

High bending resistance

Special design rod lens system; excellent image brightness and very high resolution

Large focus depth: 1 mm until infinity

Large field of view

The instrument is resistant to fuels, oil and other conventional solvents as well as is water-tight

Operating temperature -40° – +150°

Pressure resistance 5 bar