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Energy and power generation

Energy and power generation

Wind turbines can only generate electricity when they are rotating. The gears of these turbines are exposed to extremely high forces and the associated loads. Gear wheels and bearings are often damaged by the high loads. Therefore, well-known suppliers rely on our Inspector serious mobile endoscopes for their inspections. This way, signs of wear can be quickly detected and high replacement costs avoided.

Conventional as well as nuclear power plants contain a large number of components that also need to be inspected internally. Pressure vessels, heat exchanger tubes and steam pipes are subject to high corrosive stress. With systems from RVI Infinity Innovation, the decision whether they need to be replaced or repaired is easier for you. Inspection and maintenance with endoscope systems are sustainable for the longevity of any system.

The power generation industry uses systems designed to harness energy potential from natural resources (fossil fuels, nuclear materials, wind, and water) and convert it into usable electricity. Due to the motion, vibration, and corrosion produced by these systems, many of their components such as turbines, pipes, and vessels, require routine inspection and foreign material exclusion (FME) operations. We could offer camera systems and retrieval tools well-suited to service the power generation industry.

Maximum availability without unplanned interruptions is key in the supply of power. As a result, high safety and time standards apply to power plant maintenance, that is, to preventive as well as spontaneous functional testing. Nondestructive testing permits the rapid, reliable, and informative visualization of difficult-to-access cavities without time-consuming disassembly. The Inspector serious products range is perfectly suited for the inspection of gears or roller bearings of wind turbines. In power plants, gas turbines, weld seams, lines, etc., can be precisely examined and measured, and maintenance results can be digitally documented with ease.

Preventive functional testing/Inspection of difficult-to-access cavities/Stationary and portable solutions