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Retrieval tools
Description :

Motorized retrieval tools by viZaar


Motorized retrieval tool GR 8

GR8 im Rohr
    Outer diameter of 8.4 mm (when closed)
    4.5 mm diameter of push rods
    Glass fiber reinforced plastic push rods
    Working lengths up to 30 m
    Single piece glass fiber push rod with integrated power supply – no external connections needed
    Interchangeable gripper head

Motorized retrieval tool GR 16

GR 16 in pipe
    Outer diameter of 16 mm (when closed)
    Head length: 206 mm
    Opening angle of the grabber: 160°
    Standard work length of 15 m, optional lengths up to 30 m possible
    Designed for the retrieval of big objects
    Interchangeable grabber tools
    Three different push rods for best possible flexibility


Characteristics :

Motorized retrieval tools in detail



Smallest motorized retrieval tool GR 8



Our GR 8 gripper is one of the smallest motorized retrieval tools in the world. The gripper is only 8.4 mm thin and its glass fiber reinforced push rod measures only 4.5 mm. The GR 8 is even waterproof and the electrical power supply is integrated into its up to 30 m long push rod. This way, the GR 8 gains in stability and is able to grab and retrieve even larger objects from your application.

The gripper head of our small motorized retrieval tool is interchangeable. Switch between “T-Rex”! and “Mousetooth” gripper, depending on the situation.


The big retrieval tool GR 16



In terms of performance, our motorized retrieval tool GR 16 is an absolute pioneer. This gripper was developed for the recovery of medium-sized and large foreign objects. Depending on the situation, you can either use the large “Alligator” gripper or choose the “Three finger” grabber. The motorized retrieval tool GR 16 is controlled by a connecting cable and the push rod quick coupling system. The standard working length of the GR 16 is 15 m, but, if necessary, there is the option to order up to 30 m. The fibreglass push rod set, consisting of three different degrees of hardness, allows you optimum guidance and the best possible flexibility to reach the area where the foreign object is located.


viZaar retrieval tool sets with motorized retrieval tools



A well-balanced mixture of retrieval tools is indispensable for professional FOSAR. Therefore, we have put together several retrieval tool kits for you. They are available in three different versions, with and without motorized retrieval tools. Are you interested in such a set? Then find out more about them here.

retrieval tools



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